Terms and Conditions of Rental and Booking of Aleja Róż (Rose Alley) Holiday Cottages and Use of Playground

§1. General provisions.
1. These Terms and Conditions define the terms and conditions under which the Holiday Cottages may be booked and rented. Making a booking shall mean the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. At the time of making a booking (payment of 30% of the full amount), the rental agreement is deemed to be concluded.
2. The website www.domkialejaroz.com is owned by Ms Patrycja Celińska, operating under the business name of “Wynajem kwater, usługi finansowe Patrycja Celińska” with its registered office in Międzyzdroje (72-500), ul. Zwycięstwa 9, entered into the Central Registration and Information on Business, tax identification NIP number 986-010-53-70 (“the Owner”).

§2. Bookings and deposits
1. A pre-booking (made by telephone or e-mail) should be confirmed by paying, to bank account number 19 1020 4870 0000 5802 0063 6886 PL, the deposit referred to in item 1 within 2 days (the date of crediting the amount to the recipient’s account shall be the binding one). The failure to make the payment within the aforesaid period of time shall result in the cancellation of the pre-booking.
2. By making a booking, the Renter gives consent for the Renter’s personal data to be processed for the purposes of making the Renter’s booking and meeting the registration obligation pursuant to the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act of August 29, 1997. The Renter making a booking has the right to access and update the Renter’s personal data at any time.
3. Paying the deposit by the Renter shall mean that the Renter accepts these Terms and Conditions of Rental.
4. The remaining portion of the full amount due for the Renter’s stay shall be paid by the Renter in cash on the day of the Renter’s arrival at the time of picking up the keys.
5. On the day of the Renter’s arrival, the Renter shall make the payment of the full amount due for the Renter’s accommodation even if, for any reasons beyond the control of the Owner, the Renter’s arrival or stay is delayed or shortened (personal reasons, communication difficulties, strikes, etc.).
6. If the Renter’s stay is shortened, the amount charged for the unused period of the Renter’s stay will not be refunded.
7. If the Renter amends the booking period or cancels the booking for any reasons beyond the control of the Owner, the deposit will not be refunded.

§3. Cottage acceptance
1. A hotel night starts at 4:00 p.m. (arrival), and finishes at 11:00 a.m. on the next day (departure).
2. The Renter shall inform the Owner or the person responsible for giving the Renter the keys, at the latest one day before the Renter’s arrival, if the time of the Renter’s arrival is different than that of referred to in item 1. (4:00 p.m.). Providing the Owner with the information about the earlier arrival time shall not mean the availability of the Renter’s Cottage for occupation as it depends on the preparation (cleaning) of the Cottage and shall be approved by the Owner.
3. If the Renter is unable to arrive at the scheduled time, the Renter shall immediately notify the person responsible for giving the Renter the keys about this by phone.
4. The check-in and check-out shall take place in the Cottage in the presence of the Owner or the Owner’s authorized person.
5. If the number of persons using the Cottage is greater than that of declared in the registration card (without the prior consent and knowledge of the Owner or the Owner’s authorized person), the Owner reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect with all the consequences without the need to refund the payment made by the Renter.
6. The price of the services provided by the Owner of the Cottages shall not include insurance. The Renter uses the services at the Renter’s sole risk. The service provider shall not be liable for any injury, defect or property damage (damage to third party’s health and property), as well as for any pieces of luggage stolen during the entire recreational stay (we recommend that you get an appropriate insurance policy before your arrival).
7. After the Renter’s arrival yet before moving into the Cottage, the Renter shall accept the Cottage, i.e. check the furniture, windows, shower and other appliances available in the Cottage.
8. Any remarks regarding any damage or defect shall be immediately reported to the Owner.
9. The Owner accepts the possibility of any hidden damage, but only in the components that are not visible (such as damaged beds or damaged wardrobe doors).
10. If the Renter expresses no remarks regarding such damage within 4 hours after picking up the keys, this shall mean that the Renter has no reservations about the entire Cottage, and that all the appliances and furniture pieces are in the quantity consistent with the fittings and furnishings list and in good condition.
11. The Renter shall bear financial liability for any damage caused to the Cottage during the Renter’s stay and the Renter agrees that any damage repair, provision of missing fittings or furnishing or defect elimination is to be made at the Renter’s expense.
12. The Renter is requested to lock the door to the Cottage with the key – the Owner shall not be liable for any items left by the Renter within the area of the entire property. The Renter shall be charged PLN 50 for losing the keys and PLN 100 for losing the remote control.
13. Keeping pets within the property is prohibited.

§4. Cottage use during the Renter’s stay
1. It is prohibited to smoke cigarettes, light candles and fry fish in the Cottage. Due to the fire safety requirements, any instances of smoking cigarettes in the Cottage shall result in the immediate termination of the rental agreement without the possibility of refunding the Renter’s payment for the unused period of the Renter’s stay.
2. Parking is allowed only in a designated place or another place indicated by the Owner.
3. If the Renter causes serious disturbance to the neighbors’ peace and/or well-being and fails to observe any commonly applied rules of co-existence between people, the Owner shall reserve the right to terminate the Renter’s stay in the Cottage and shall have the right to keep the payment made by the Renter for the unused period of the Renter’s stay.
4. If the Renter violates the quiet hours policy, from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., and the Owner or the person responsible for the keys is forced to make a justified intervention and call the police, the Owner shall have the right to immediately terminate the rental agreement.
5. According to the fire safety requirements, it is prohibited to use in the Cottage any electric or gas devices or appliances which are not part of the Cottage’s fittings and furnishings and which may cause fire hazards, e.g. electric immersion heaters, radiators or gas burners. It is prohibited to bring into the Cottage any flammable materials, explosives and materials producing unpleasant odors.
6. The Renter shall not, without the prior written consent of the Owner, make any repairs, expenditures or changes in the Cottage. The Renter shall immediately inform the Owner about the need to make any repairs or expenditures.
7. The Renter shall maintain and leave the Cottage in its originally provided condition, which shall include, in particular, leaving all the dishes, kitchen utensils and appliances clean and throwing litter into a bin before checking out. The Renter is requested to segregate waste in accordance with the information leaflet left in the Cottage.
8. The rental agreement concluded between the Owner of the Cottages and the Renter shall not include the Reenter’s transportation, board and stay organization.
9. The Owner shall not be liable for any temporary inconvenience suffered by any independent suppliers caused by, e.g. temporary water or electricity shortages.
10. Any disputes arising between the Owner and the Renter shall be subject to the laws of Poland. Any disputes arising between the Owner and the Renter shall be resolved amicably. If the Owner and the Renter are unable to reach an agreement, such disputes shall be resolved by the court having jurisdiction over the Owner.


1. The children’s playground is an area used for play and relaxation.
2. The playground equipment is intended for children aged 3-12.
3. In the playground, the children should not be left unattended by adults who are responsible for them.
4. Any persons staying in the playground area are obliged to keep it in order.
5. The playground equipment shall be used according to its intended use.
6. Drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and persons under the influence of alcohol or other substances is strictly prohibited in the playground area.
7. Any persons causing damage to the playground equipment or their guardians shall bear financial responsibility for causing such damage.
8. In particular, it is prohibited to:
a. damage the playground equipment,
b. litter the playground area,
c. damage the green area,
d. bring pets.
10. Any equipment defect or damage shall be immediately reported to the Owner.

We wish you a nice stay. We are looking forward to having you staying in the “Aleja Róż” Holiday Cottages in Międzyzdroje again.